Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Support My Home Birth Vision

Hello Dear Community~

I am reaching out for your support in my recent commitment to have a home birth. I made the *empowering choice* to allow abundance to flow into my life and choose to not let financial or social barriers prevent this dream from manifesting. I am asking for donations of any size $1 to ?, whatever makes your heart feel *joyful* in giving. I desire nothing more than a happy, healthy, love-energy-full birth experience to welcome this beautiful-being into this world.

I had a hospital birth with my first child and am looking forward to a more intimate, peaceful experience through home birthing. Unfortunately, my insurance does not cover the expenses for a midwife or doula. (Most insurance providers don't. Every woman deserves the option to choose a midwife for her birth.) I trust in my body, intuition and resourcefulness. Tanya Quinn will be my Doula, offering her knowledge and support and my wonderful midwife will be Lindsey Meehleis. I really connect with both of them and feel very supported. I trust in their abilities to safely guide me through the birth process- even if that means the hospital becomes the appropriate place to be. Lindsey has graciously discounted her fees and given me a little extra time to come up with funds, but I am going to have to really pool all my resources to make this happen! I need to come up with $5,000 by my due date, March 5, 2012!

This entire pregnancy has been SO transforming! It has been a challenging process of love, personal growth and discovery. Since I’ve come to the decision of a home birth, I have learned to trust in myself, I’ve deepened my faith in the beauty of giving and receiving and I continue to evolve and become the Mother I want to be.

Getting clear about this and then finding the motivation to take action has been so empowering. It is already changing how I show up in the world. So, boldly I am sharing my beliefs and desires with you and asking that I be supported as a thoughtful, caring and capable parent.

As this ~wise soul-FULL~ baby gets closer to entering the outside world I’m now able to own what my real hopes and desires are for this birth. I see and honor how participating in this Right of Passage impacts who I will be as a parent. I am choosing *love and belief* over fear. I am moving towards that which feels right in my heart and that which I think is most important. This creates s p a c e for the grace to accept whatever actually happens.

On a deep level I have always had faith in the naturalness of birth, and more importantly in the power to birth how and where I feel most comfortable. I have a inner desire to bring this baby into the world in a safe, supportive, and intimate setting.

It takes a village to raise a child and with that I ask you to contribute what you can from $1 -?, any size donation that brings me closer to fulfilling my dream of creating a safe and nurturing environment to bring my child into this world.

Highest Blessings to you and yours,

Shelby : )